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How to Use Reason 10.2’s New Features

Reason 10.2’s new features are focused squarely on workflow improvements. These long-overdue updates go a long way to modernizing the feel of Reason. Propellerhead Software did a great job in making sure that all the new workflow changes are easy to use and intuitive –  but as a long time Reason user, they take some time to adapt to.

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To help you see how you can start using these Reason’s new workflows, I made a short video below. If you consciously try to implement these techniques, you’ll by flying along in Reason in no time. 

This video shows off integrating Reason 10.2’s new features as part of your workflow, and focuses on:

  • Multi-Lane Editing
  • The ability to route audio sub-outs to new mixer channels
  • How to go directly to a rack extension from Reason’s sequencer
  • Using the new adaptive grid to edit midi note data quicker.