5 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Musicians

5 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Musicians

I've got five great affordable holiday stocking stuffer gifts for musicians I'm gonna recommend to you guys today this can either be to stuff your own stocking or to stuff somebody else's stocking.

Now all of these are great for most types of instruments (I've done things before that
focus more on guitar players or like home recording people) but I think that these gifts are gonna be welcomed by any musician. ‚Äč

Christmas Stock Stuffer Gift Idea for Musicians 1 - Nice Earplugs

The first one is a pair of good ear plugs. I recommend these Eargasm earplugs.  I've done a review of these previously and they are quite the best all-around ear plugs I've owned.

 They're very comfortable they're portable they sound really musical and these are great because they're not only good when you're practicing if you're in a band but they're also good for going to live shows because they still maintain a lot of fidelity.

No joke - musicians really need to protect their hearing so that's why I would totally recommend these.

Christmas Stock Stuffer Gift Idea for Musicians 2 - Cable Stays

The next thing I'm going to recommend is these cable stays.  These are basically pieces
of velcro color-coded that you can use to wrap around your cables.

If you're a musician you basically you have nothing but cables. It's just a horrible, infuriating mess.  A rat's nest of cables.

If you've ever seen a musician's gig bag (unless you're a drummer in which case you don't need this) you know how frustrating cable management can be.

And not only do the musicians have many cables that they need to keep together so that they don't go to all over the place, they also have different types of cables. And that's why I think the color-coded velcro works way best. Because you can at a glance know what type of cable you're picking up instead of having to fumble around and see it so those have made my life way easier and they're fun to have in the stock and you can also use them for other things.

Christmas Stock Stuffer Gift Idea for Musicians 3 - Consumables

The third thing I'm gonna recommend is basically some new consumables. If it's a guitar player you know something like new guitar strings. Now, everybody's got their own personal preference so just maybe snoop around and see what brand they like. 

If you know the person you care for is a drummer maybe new drumsticks or new drum heads.

If it's a piano player you know maybe get a somebody to come and tune it up for them

These sorts of things are kind of like the equivalent of socks you always need them and want them but you never buy them for yourself so they make great stocking stuffers. Like guitar picks as well that you never seem to have enough but you know you always want.

Christmas Stock Stuffer Gift Idea for Musicians 4 - Portable Digital Recorder

The next thing I'm gonna recommend is a portable digital recorder. Something like the Tascam DR-05. 

It's way better than just astandard phone because it can handle much louder sounds the problem with your phone is if you're like recording a live band it just goes basically like "#$#@$@$%!%%$$%" because the microphone gets overwhelmed and so you lose a lot of the detail.  Whereas a recorder like this is designed for much louder sound.

So if the musician you're interested in buying a gift or play is in a band this makes it much easier for them to record the practices and sort of get things going.

Christmas Stock Stuffer Gift Idea for Musicians 5 - Fun Percussion

The final thing I'm going to recommend is some percussion. You know a tambourine, shakers, maybe some claves. It's these sorts of fun percussion instruments that not only can people use when recording but if a friend (or you!) comes over that's not really talented musically they can still jam with you if you've got a tambourine or some shakers. This makes it more fun and participatory.