Best Reason Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Propellerheads Reason software is incredibly complex, but the inclusion of a lot of great keyboard shortcuts will really accelerate your workflow! I use these shortcuts to speed up how quickly I can make my songs, and I also use it to make things easier to manage when my hands are full with instruments. 

If you're still trying to learn your hotkeys in Reason, I'd really recommend getting an overlay for your keyboard (affiliate link). This affordable plastic keyboard cover shows you all of the shortucts, and you can quickly use it to master the keyboard hotkey workflow. Once you feel really comfortable with, your hotkeys, you can remove the overlay and start using Reason like a pro.

Here are my favorite shortcuts in Propellerheads Reason DAW. You can download a free reference PDF by signing up below.

F5: Mixer
F6: Rack
F7: Sequencer
F8: Editor
Q: Arrow
W: Write
E: Erase
R: Razor
T: Mute
Y: Zoom
U: Hand Tool
Alt+drag: Duplicate Tracks/Notes; Time-Stretch
Shift: Create unwired effects
Shift+Drag: Automatically rewire effects
Tab: Flip the Rack around
Command/Control+Mousewheel: Zoom in vertically
Shift+ Command/Control+Mousewheel: Zoom in horizontally
C: Turn on Click
L: Turn on Loop
Command/Control+S: Save
Command/Control+Enter: Record
Command/Control+Z: Undo