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How to Make Old School Hip Hop In Reason

Here are two videos teaching you how to make old school hip hop beats in Reason. Both of these beats take advantage of Reason 10‘s new drum sequencer (click here for some advance sequencer tips). 

I love making hip hop beats, and Reason makes it really easy to do. Personally, I prefer old school stuff to trap (I’m an old man), so I tend to stick to what I know. 

How to Make a Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beat in Reason

The first video teaches you how to make a lo-fi beat in Reason. It focuses on three main topics: re-sampling your own recordings, writing a bass line, and building lo-fi grit.

Add these three skill together and you’ll have a banger for the ages.

This post has a lot more tips on how to get gritty, lo-fi textures with tape emulation other plugins.

How to Make a New Jack Swing Style Beat in Reason

The second video focuses more on making a new jack swing style beat and really digs into the drum sequencer. 

Instrumental new jack swing is having a real renaissance right now – so break out your 808s (you can grab some great sample packs here).

  1. You need to emphasize the snare on the back beat. 
  2. Program a lot of shakers, cowbells and other percussion. 
  3. Export your drum sequencer track to the Reason sequencer and apply a ReGroove patch.

The video really digs into how to nail this sound.

Also, apologies for saying this is a boom bap beat in the video. I don’t know where my head was at.

Conclusion – Lo-fi, Old School beats are back

Not that they really ever went away for us old folks, but these beats are suddenly fresh and in right now. So start putting these tips into action and making some music!