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How to Make Huge Drops in Music Production

A lot of EDM producers want o know how to make huge drops for their songs. Hell, producers of most genres, from lo-fi hip hop to pure pop, would love to know how to make huge drops. 

Now, there's a lot that goes into a great drop, from your choice of sounds to the pacing of the instruments. And that's not what this tip is about. It assumes you've pretty much got your drop there, but you just can get everything to sit together perfectly. 

Not like on your favorite tracks.

So this quick tip for how to get huge drops is a silver bullet if you're having trouble getting your drop to sit right in terms of timing. 

Check out the video below to see this tip in action.

How to make huge drops by exporting to audio

As the video shows, you can try exporting the drop portion of your tracks to an audio file. If you export your tracks to audio files, you can gain a lot more precise control over the timing of your audio. 

For example, while you're synth sound may be perfect for the rest of the beat, it just evolves a little too slowly for pacing of the drop. Well, Reason, like most DAWs, includes powerful audio stretching features. By stretching out the files just a bit, you can nudge the elements into place for a tight, huge drop.

Pro tip: don't forget to stretch the length of drum hit!