The Best Way to Copy and Paste In Reason (reason quick tip)

How to Copy and Paste In Propellerhead’s Reason

You probably think you know how to copy and paste in Propellerhead's Reason DAW, but I'm willing to bet that you might not know the best way to do it. You can watch the video below to see it in action.

Now, for the longest time I'd copy and paste the same way I did it in Microsoft Word. I'd select the region I wanted to copy, pressing control+ c, then moving it the transport to the new location and pressing control + v. This method is great for quickly duplicating sections next to each other.

But my new method of copy and paste in Reason is far superior for most other purposes. If you select a track (or multiple tracks) and hold down control + shift, a copy is created that you can drag wherever you want.

The Benefits of Using Control + Shift to Copy and Paste in Reason

This other copy and paste technique has a couple of benefits. First, you can easily copy midi or audio data from one instrument track to another - in exactly the right location. So if you've got a layered kick drum and you want to have the same pattern for both kicks, you can control + shift the pattern from kick one and drop it in kick 2. 

Another benefit of this copy and paste method is that it lets you copy and paste in Reason while a song is playing! So let's say that you're listen to the song and you suddenly realize that you also want a drum to come in at the end of the verse? Before you'd have to stop the song grab the first drum fill, move the transport to the end of the verse and paste. Then you may have to restart the song way earlier to make sure everything sounds right. But now you can listen on the fly. 

There's probably a lot of other good uses for this method. How would you use it? Are there other copy + paste tips I'm missing out on?