How to Use Reason 10.2’s New Features

Reason 10.2's new features are focused squarely on workflow improvements. These long-overdue updates go a long way to modernizing the feel of Reason. Propellerhead Software did a great job in making sure that all the new workflow changes are easy to use and intuitive -  but as a long time Reason user, they take some time to adapt to.

Check out my Reason 10.2 Review here.

To help you see how you can start using these Reason's new workflows, I made a short video below. If you consciously try to implement these techniques, you'll by flying along in Reason in no time. 

This video shows off integrating Reason 10.2's new features as part of your workflow, and focuses on:

  • Multi-Lane Editing
  • The ability to route audio sub-outs to new mixer channels
  • How to go directly to a rack extension from Reason's sequencer
  • Using the new adaptive grid to edit midi note data quicker.

Propellerhead Software’s Reason 10.2 Review

Here's my Reason 10.2 review for Propellerhead Software's recently released update to its flagship DAW. Long story short: this is the best version of Reason yet, but if you haven't upgraded yet, it's probably not worth it.

Long story long: read the rest of the Reason 10.2 review to see why the new features in Reason 10.2 are amazing. ‚Äč

I've also released a free sample pack to commemorate Reason 10.2's launch. You can get it here (it doesn't require Reason 10).

Reason 10.2 Review Video

For those of you who hate reading, here's the video. To watch my latest Youtube videos on Reason, click here.

Review of Reason 10.2's new features

Reason 10.2 adds a slew of long-requested interface updates that greatly streamline workflow. None of these features are game changers, but they go a long way to making Reason more user-friendly. 

The first major update is the ability to edit midi data from multiple lanes, simultaneously. This can be really helpful in arranging chords, bass and melody, in spreading notes across an orchestra, or for getting multi-lane drum channels to groove.

The second big feature is the ability to adjust multiple channels of the mixer simultaneously. This is a major time saver. You can also now mute/solo multiple channels, which is great for auditioning arrangement ideas.

The third new feature in Reason 10.2 is an icon with the ability to add tracks now present in every window. Additionally, if you click on an instruments icon in the sequencer, it will now take you to that rack extension. That might be the best thing about the update. 

There's also a slew of smaller changes, including bug fixes, and more midi connectivity improvements.

So should you upgrade to Reason 10.2?

Propellerheads have said that Reason 11 will not be released this year. I'd expect it to be released next fall, but that's just my guess. Furthermore, they've stated that they'll release a new free update to Reason by the end of the year that focuses on improved audio processing performance, especially with VSTs.

So as this review shows, Reason 10.2 is a step towards modernizing Reason, but it doesn't revolutionize it. If you haven't seen the need to upgrade yet, I don't think this will get you off the sidelines. But I also love the new features and think it's the best version of Reason.

Reason 10.2 Free Sample Pack

Free Reason Mini Refill 1

You can see my full Reason 10.2 Review here.

Thanks for being such a fan! Here's a free mini-refill for you to show my appreciation. This Refill should work on all versions of Reason after 5.0.

It includes 3 combinator synth patches - an 808, and evil lead, and a sweet pad. And some samples/loops to mess with. 

Hope you enjoy!

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