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Quickly Layer Sounds in Propellerhead’s Reason

When making a good mix, you often need to have several layers of instruments. Multiple basses, kicks, snares. Etc. Layering instruments will give you a much fatter, fuller sound.

This Reason Quick Tip shows you exactly how to quickly start experimenting with multiple layers of sounds in Propellerheads Reason

Make Drums Sit Better in the Mix

This Reason Quick Tip will give you better sounding drum loops easily. Propellerheads Reason makes it super easy to quickly tweak any drum loop to sound better.

If you feel like your drum loop just doesn't sit well with the mix, try lowering or raising the pitch of the loop a couple of semitones.

Changing the pitch of drum loops is the best way to make better sounding drum loops - way better than using eq.  Dr. Octorex makes this really easy, and so do Kong and ReDrum.

Watch the video to hear exactly how this can make your mix more cohesive.