ropellerhead Software Reason 10.1 Review (update adds new player and Europa features)

Propellerheads Reason 10.1 Review

Propellerhead's Reason 10.1 Review: More to Love, but the Old Shortcomings Remain

Propellerhead Software just released Reason 10.1 today, May 8, 2018, so naturally it's time for my Reason 10.1 Review. This Reason 10.1 review is going to cover some of the new features of Reason 10.1, then I'm going to discuss why more IS better this time.  

But to cut to the chase... here's my short Reason 10.1 review in a nutshell. If you weren't sold on Reason 10 before, there's probably not enough here to justify upgrading. If you've already bought Reason 10, then for sure grab the update.

If you've just been waiting to have enough cash for Reason 10, then buy it now, because the free drum sequencer offer expires May 31, 2018 (less than a month!). Here's how you can save about $20 on an upgrade to Reason 10.

Note: Reason 10.1 is a free upgrade for owners of Reason 10. 

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Reason 10.1 Review: New Features

Reason 10.1 includes a host of new features. All of which are positive steps in the right direction.

First, Reason 10.1 includes new feature in Europa: you can now use custom wavetables as your oscillator and as your filter. This sounds great in the new sounds included with the factory sound bank, but it will really shine once we get to experiment more with resampling bits and pieces from our songs!

The second big new feature in Reason 10.1 is the additional support for third party Reason players. Players are hugely important for controlling VST plugins, because many of them didn't play well with Reason's CV features. 

For a little more in depth look at why it's important, check out this video. 

Third, Reason 10.1 includes a host of minor bug fixes. But I can't omit mentioning the fact that the biggest bug fixes we nee are still missing from my Reason 10.1 review. It looks like Mac users still have no relief for the bug High Sierra introduced. And VST support is still sluggish and a little wonky. 

Finally, Reason 10.1 includes a free player, an awesome new drum sequencer. I've seriously been waiting for a multichannel drum sequencer like this forever. So that's a huge plus for Reason 10.1 Plus, it will be compatible with VSTs like Native Instrument's Battery since it's a player.

The only problem worth noting in this Reason 10.1 review is that the Drum Sequencer is only available for free through May 31, 2018. So you've got to get it now. 

however, it needs to be installed separately from the Reason 10.1 update process. Here's how to do that.

I imagine Propllerheads made this a limited time offer to spur more upgrades to Reason 10, but I don't know that a drum player (valued at $69, I believe) is enough to get you off the fence.

Reason 10.1 Review: In Conclusion

Reason 10.1 offers more of the things we love about Reason 10. More players, enhanced VST functions, Europa on speed.  It feels like more than I was expecting in a .1 update.

But you can't put lipstick on a pig. The Reason engine, the sequencer, and the legacy instruments and effects are really starting to show there age. And VST performance is still sluggish. These are legitimate issues in Reason that, hopefully, Propellerheads are tackling for Reason 11.