Propellerheads Reason 10.1 New Features

Propellerheads Tease Reason 10.1 New Player

It looks like Propellerhead Software just released a screenshot that probably means Reason 10.1 is around the corner! Here's my full review of Reason 10. Reason 10 was released at the end of October, 2017, so it makes sense that an updated version would be right around the corner.

Update: Propellerheads announced that Reason 10.1 will be released next week!

Usually Reason updates include under the hood cleanups AND a couple small new features. 

And the screenshot of a new Player that was released sure seems to indicate a new feature! If you recall, Players were added to Reason 9. They are kind of like utilities, but they let you quickly play complex chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. 

Reason 10.1 Sneak Peak Image

A screenshot of the new drum player (for Reason 10.1?)

What's in the Reason 10.1 Drum Sequencer Player?

The Drum Sequencer Player looks like a welcome addition to Reason 10.1. It looks like it will allow you to record live patterns or program them in. And they'll be slots for up to 8 variations. 

The great thing about the Drum Sequencer is that it looks like you'll be able to see how multiple instruments stack up on the grid (unlike in ReDrum, and Matrix can also make it tough). 

You'll also be able to set velocity per hit and control randomization to some degree through the "probability" setting. I'm definitely interested in learning more about that!

It looks like they'll also be opening up players to third party developers, so we should hopefully see some really cool ideas!

Europa Updates

Propellerheads also announced that Reason 10.1 will allow Europa to use any wavetable. And you can add them to either the oscillator or the filter. It's going to allow for some totally bananas sounds and I can't wait to experiment with it!